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Keanu Reeves is several% Western keeps a white Mom

Keanu Reeves is several% Western keeps a white Mom

It used to have public auctions where they will has actually step 1/8 Octaroon girls, who had been phenotypically light, with light skin, eco-friendly vision and you can yellow tresses, and sell them given that gender submissives to own Southern area boys

Disregard the Turks. Question as to the reasons provides WMAF did not create an individual a great son, even with as the most commonly known mixed coupling in america?

I’ve already treated the reality that Keanu Reeves and you may Dean Cain Tanaka aren’t Eurasian men. Every single “successful” Eurasian guy are a lay. Together with simple fact that apologists need to rest really, would be to itself reveal things. But it has arrived back at my attract, that i was basically completely wrong into the stating that Keanu was 1/cuatro Far-eastern. In reality the newest East Asian part of their blood, his Chinese front side is just 1/8 or 12.5%. The fresh Chinese taint inside the Keanu is actually just 12%. View their Eurasian Messiah. Your own Neo.

This is because brand new racial-intimate affairs that go to the WMAF, make certain their Eurasian man can’t ever total some thing

The propagandists provides used the coaching of their grasp Goebbels and you may recite the new rest one Keanu is actually Eurasian more than once. You’d believe Keanu is the guy from a white father and you may western mother. This is what are meant, whenever WMAF Nazi propagandists constantly show their image as the just what their man look including. In fact Keanu has actually a white Western mommy. WMAF Nazis have all hit a brick wall high-school biology class, he has zero thought of family genes 101. For many who recite a rest, commonly enough it might be truth. For a long time I me personally are drawn in. I truthfully believed that Keanu Reeves are Eurasian. He’s perhaps not. He will not actually research needless to say Asian during the in any event, yet folk as well as their dog generally seems to see hes Eurasian. Here is the result of an active campaign off misinformation.

What makes the entire world alert to Keanu’s twelve% Asianess? Even Nazi Germany only hunted off step 1/4 Jews. This can be a lot more like the existing South, to the step one-drop laws. Oh the way the WMAF propagandists has actually caught for the 12% Chinese within Keanu. It is a rest.

Lets not only let it rest on lay. Lets follow through brand new implications. There are a ton of WMAF partners in america. Which range from WW2 additionally the individuals Far eastern conflicts and you will bases, and you will exploding the brand new seventies and you can mid-eighties. Each one of these Eurasian men are now better up. WMAF is considered the most prominent pairing in the us, AMWF is the the very least common. As to why oh as to why, you ought to inquire does the preferred need to steal off minimum of popular? Exactly why do millions need child pussy out-of hundreds? Just why is it you to everytime WMAF attempts to identity a profitable Eurasian kid, he’s got a white mom? This is simply not by accident. Every WMAF guy on the reputation for the country is actually a failure.

Keanu Reeves is a lie. He’s a white mother. His mother isn’t Asian, she actually is a keen Anglo-Saxon Englishwoman. The woman maiden name is Thread, Patricia Bond. No combined kid away from an asian woman is ever going to accomplish one thing. As a result of this they want to lay and you may falsify. He’s maybe not step one/dos Far-eastern, they are maybe not 1/4 Western, he’s step one/8 Far eastern. 12%.

He is lying, as the truth is instead of its front side. Oh you will find some popular legitimate WMAF sons in the news. Real sons out-of light fathers and you may Western moms. There are really popular reports within the last seasons. But people is actually sons you to definitely WMAF is not very short to just take borrowing getting. The individuals are their real sons. All-American light dads and you may good Chinese, Japanese, Korean lady. Those people will be the Eurasian men, one to WMAF propagandists run away regarding. The real Hapas.

December 27, 2022

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