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Board Decision Papers

Board decision papers are written materials for board members to fulfill their oversight duties and make informed decisions on company matters. They must be clear and informative with a concise summary and annexes.

Considerations to assist directors in making the best decisions on an issue could include a discussion of alternative analysis (such as techniques like Six Thinking Hats), an overview of the most important metrics and research data, or competitive insights and operating context that informed perspective, or even an analysis of the effect of each choice on the business. It is also useful to explain how management came up with the preferred recommendation. This could be as simple as describing the various options that were considered, or a summary of the pros and cons for each, as and how the preferred approach performed on a variety of factors.

Board documents should be free of legalese and jargon, with a formal business writing style used throughout to make the content relevant and easily accessible for every director. Charts and graphs can be used to provide a summary of information and trends in data, and break up large chunks of text. It’s also a good idea to read the papers out in front of your peers or colleagues to evaluate clarity and make sure that the main points are made clear. If you’re looking to clarify something, you should seek feedback or views from the board.

board decision papers

April 30, 2024

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