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Choosing the Right Strategic Planning Software

A strategic planning software can help teams track and match projects to company goals. Choosing the right platform will also empower teams to focus on their own goals and be held accountable for their contributions to the overall goals of the organization.

Flexible platforms enable better collaboration and a more cohesive strategy that can be adapted to the changing needs of business. The best strategic planning software allows easy access to data and reports as well as an app for mobile devices that allows people to manage their project plans from any location at any time.

Check that the strategic plan software you choose is capable of producing beautiful dynamic reports for your stakeholders and meetings. You should look for features such as the ability to present an overview of the department’s objectives and measures, as well as get into the specifics of the report to get more specific information. Search for templates or custom terms for each aspect of strategic planning and implementation. Finally, consider if the tool can be used in conjunction with your preferred framework for strategic management including the balanced scorecard (BSC), OKRs, Six Sigma, or Management by Objectives.

Beware of programs that focus on a single task that is only completed at the start of the process. Examples include SWOT analysis and cascading action plans. These tools may be useful to your company’s workflow but they’re not the most effective way to utilize the cloud to plan your strategic strategy.

April 24, 2024

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