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How to Accelerate Communication With Stakeholders

If people feel that their voice is being considered and integrated into the project they are more likely to provide continuous support. This requires consistent communication and ensuring that stakeholders get the information they require whenever they require it, via multiple channels.

The frequency of communication must be adapted to the specific stakeholder group. CEOs, for instance, may be more concerned with the long-term future of their company or strategic alignment whereas teams might place a higher importance on efficiency improvements. It is crucial to tailor content to the needs of the people who are involved by avoiding technical language and using non-technical terms for those with less technical backgrounds.

Information is crucial in your efforts to speed up your progress. Meetings, emails, reports on projects, and others are all elements of this. Email is a very customizable and flexible tool that can be used to deliver updates on projects, news, photos, budget updates contacts, next steps, top-level plans for projects and more. It can also be used to collect feedback via surveys and other online engagement tools.

Meetings can be a fantastic opportunity to discuss issues, questions and concerns with your employees and stakeholders. They can be scheduled for daily regularly, weekly, monthly or as needed and are an effective way to communicate updates on a regular basis. It’s also a great way to gain the support of your project and discuss possible obstacles. Meetings can be recorded and shared with those who may not attend or needed to reference a specific meeting. A summary report of the project can be used to provide information to stakeholders. It can be a straightforward report that provides all the pertinent information or a thorough report tailored for every stakeholder.

April 24, 2024

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