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How to Ace the Corporate Board Seat Interview

In the interview for a board seat, the panel will probe you about your board’s preparedness and the ways that you can add value to their business. Boards are seeking candidates who have an extensive knowledge in their field as well as a broad perspective and specialization to be able to complement the existing board members.

To prove the value of this to demonstrate this value, you must be prepared to present examples of strategic decisions you’ve taken in previous roles on the committee or board level. You could be questioned about your ethics and governance.

Additionally the panel will ask you about your views regarding the company’s strategy and its position in the market as well as your views regarding the latest trends in the market. You must be prepared to respond to these questions in a concise, compelling manner that will give the interviewers an accurate idea of what you think.

The interviewers are likely to inquire about your leadership style, how you interact with colleagues in a group setting and whether there are any possible conflicts of interest that you could face in the boardroom. Be aware of any possible conflicts and be able to explain how you will handle them in the event of an emergency.

Be prepared for a lengthy vetting process. Director searches can take as long as those for CEOs, and the board will usually proceed in a deliberate, looping manner.

April 30, 2024

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