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How to Choose an Online Board Portal

An online board portal is a software that houses and manages the meeting details for a business or an organization. Board members as well as committees and administrators are able to use it. Most often, the administrator of the board or company secretary is the first person to advocate for portal software, but the chairperson of the board or executive director, CEO, or chairperson can also advocate for it. It is recommended that all those who are in leadership positions should support the new platform to ensure acceptance and success for board members.

No matter if you’re running an enterprise of a significant size or a small non-profit, software for managing board meetings can help you streamline meetings, increase productivity and improve governance practices. A dependable solution can facilitate communication and collaboration before and during the meetings and lets your board members work from any location, on any device.

Modern board portals are easy for anyone to use regardless of your level of technical expertise. They allow you to schedule and share meetings, create agendas and documents, and perform eSignatures/approvals. Board administrators can also keep learn this here now track of member engagement, including document views and attendance at meetings.

When selecting a service, make sure they offer 24/7/365 client support. This is more than password resets and even includes How-To Videos. Select a company that has a track record of satisfaction with clients. This will ultimately make the adoption and implementation process much easier for your business.

April 17, 2024

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