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How to Create Cybersecurity Reports That Reach the Board of Directors

Cybersecurity is a complex and dynamic field that requires effective communication between all stakeholders within the organization. Whether it’s keeping data secure or reducing risk, or communicating with the board and C-Suite regarding current threats and risks, security leaders must be able to provide clear information about their progress without getting bogged down in technical details. Yet many cybersecurity reports are too technical as well as detailed and not understandable for the average person, preventing security teams from engaging in transparent communication regarding risk and security programs that is essential to avoiding incidents and keeping the organization secure.

When creating a cyber security report, it’s crucial to remember that the principal audience isn’t just the IT team and the board of directors. To make the report more appealing to the board, it should focus on business risks rather than technology.

If, for instance, the report states that outdated software is responsible for the majority of the attacks that occur in the enterprise, it should emphasize the effect on the bottom line. It is also crucial to ensure that the report of security risks can be easily understood by non-technical audiences particularly as the framework alignment and compliance requirements are becoming increasingly important concerns for many boards.

Fortunately, UpGuard offers a library of templates for reports that are optimized to meet the main reporting expectations of the board and senior management. These templates aggregate security performance information that is frequently requested by the board, including vendor summary reports that outline crucial metrics like vulnerability management performance as well as third-party vulnerability susceptibility to attack and critical risk distribution, all of which are vital to creating a strong risk assessment and mitigation system. These reports can be produced quickly and then exported as PowerPoint slides, which eases the hassle of preparing for board meetings.

April 24, 2024

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