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How to Overcome the Challenges of a Remote Board Meeting

As more and more business such as board meetings is conducted via remote it is crucial to know how to conquer the problems. Whether it’s reducing engagement or creating a secure environment for meetings there are best practices to be followed to ensure that your next board meeting that is remote is as effective as you can.

The most obvious problem is to ensure that all board members are at ease with the virtual meeting software. While many modern tools for managing boards are simple to use however, some individuals may be unable to adjust to the change. Making sure they are trained prior to the actual meeting can facilitate this transition. Also, allowing participants to try the software out prior to the meeting can be helpful.

It’s important that each member can contribute to the agenda during the meeting. This keeps the discussion in the right direction and prevents the meeting from veering off into unproductive territory. It is helpful to have someone in place who can supervise the discussion and control the flow of conversation.

It is also important to close the meeting by providing an overview of what was discussed and the key outcomes of the meeting. This will reinforce the most important points for the board click for info members so that they are able to continue pushing your organization forward during the time between meetings. It’s an excellent idea to ask for feedback after the meeting, so that everyone feels their opinions have been taken into consideration.

April 30, 2024

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