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Online Data and Security

Online Data and Security

We’re constantly confronted with online security concerns, whether it’s a privacy statement on a website that we use or a secure password for our email accounts. According to the results of a survey conducted by AnchorFree, a lot of Americans are changing how they perceive privacy policies as well as passwords and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity focuses on defending against attacks that target the security, reliability or confidentiality of information systems and networks. It involves identifying threats, evaluating systems, educating employees and creating an incident response plan.

A cyberattack may expose your data, which includes personal information, to unauthorized people who might want to utilize it for financial gain or for social engineering as weapons in an active attack on the network and systems of your organization. The attackers could also attack your devices with ransomware, which locks access to the network or device and requires payment to enable release.

Privacy is the right to control and safeguard your personal data private. It’s about knowing when data is being collected, how it’s used and where it’s going which is why you are entitled to read the terms of service for every site that gathers your data.

Data privacy involves making sure that only those with the appropriate rights can access or manage your data and utilizing strong encryption to prevent unauthorized viewing. Data privacy practices can reduce the risk of loss of information due to accidental or malicious leaks, while also protecting you from identity fraud and other cyber-related crimes.

April 17, 2024

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