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Stock Company Management

Stock Company Management is the management of stocks – items that require to be logged and stored. They could comprise work in progress (partly finished materials and goods) or finished products, as well as consumables such as printer toner and stationery. Controlling stock is vital for cash flow and profitability.

Different methods of managing stock and the one that is right for your business depends on the kind of products you sell and the industry. Certain companies, for instance utilize computer software to keep track of inventory and keep track of cost. These programs typically integrate with point of sale machines and freight tracking systems. These programs are more expensive than manual records, but they can reduce errors and increase accuracy.

Certain companies employ a technique called Just In Time (JIT), which reduces inventory and storage costs by keeping the amount of stock available to a minimal. This requires precise forecasting and a reliable supply chain, but can decrease customer service issues such as out-of-stocks. Some companies also utilize an equation called Economic Order Quantity to determine the amount of stock they should keep in order to balance the need for security stock with the cost of storing and ordering additional.

It is crucial to establish procedures for keeping accurate records of stock, and ensuring they are checked regularly. This can be done by periodic reviews or a complete inventory. To stop corruption and fraud it is a good idea to separate the staff who handle stock control from those who do finance and accounting.

April 22, 2024

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