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Strategic Asset Management

Using a strategic approach to long-term maintenance and planning for operations asset management can better align physical assets with an organization’s general business goals. Strategic asset management enables decision-makers to reconcile budgetary goals with service level requirements for long-term sustainability of facilities and infrastructure instead of relying solely on budgets.

The main ingredient in this method is a solid team with a united vision. The people who maintain and manage your assets are an essential element of the process because they know the equipment inside out. They can provide valuable information on how to improve processes and procedures and can have a significant effect on the program for asset management. Having these employees involved from the beginning will aid in gaining their buy-in and ensure that everyone is on the same page in developing your strategy.

A well-thought-out strategic asset management strategy starts with identifying and cataloging all your assets, together with their locations, and their condition. This helps you determine the most important assets in your inventory and determine the priority of their maintenance. This can be used as information to implement a number of additional initiatives like streamlining work orders, maximizing uptime, and improving reporting.

Another crucial aspect is to evaluate the impact of decisions made regarding asset management on your community. This includes weighing immediate costs and benefits against long-term savings and benefits, and taking note of their impact on the environment.

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April 23, 2024

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