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The Benefits of Board Pack Software

Board pack software organizes all the required information into an easily digestible and accessible document that directors can access via their laptops, tablets, or phones. This makes it unnecessary for board members to use non-secure channels like email to communicate with each with each other, and makes sure that the documents are presented in the most current version. If an amendment or new report needs to be added, it can be replaced in the board pack quickly and each user will receive a real-time notice notifying them of the changes have been made.

It is tempting to include as much information into your board’s packets as you can to ensure compliance and to add value when organizing a meeting, but this can be confusing and overburden board directors, who require clear, concise and readable reports. The best boards strike the right balance between ensuring strict compliance and adding value to the business. They utilize templates, and incorporate logically organized information, and stick to exact language, and steer clear of overly technical material.

The chair of the board is the primary responsibility for the contents of a board package and should be the one taking the initiative to ensure that the content is accurate and relevant. Board members are busy, and it can be difficult for them to work through a board pack in the two weeks leading up to the meeting if they do not have enough time to read, absorb and concentrate. The ideal deadline for submitting board documents is 7-10 days, which gives members plenty of time to read and understand what they are reading prior to meeting.

April 17, 2024

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