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The Importance of Information Protection

Information security is a crucial aspect of every business. Information governance policies are the best option to protect yourself from cyberattacks or security incidents regardless of whether you’re an F500 company of a hyper-growth startup. These practices reduce the risk of data theft and loss and prevent the unauthorised access to important information and systems, and enable businesses to quickly recover after security incidents.

Security of confidentiality is the fundamental idea behind protecting information. This involves ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information, and that they don’t divulge or share it. In some instances, this may be required by law (e.g. FERPA for student records). It’s also important to ensure that the integrity of data is maintained and remains available even when access is restricted.

Protecting integrity includes establishing the proper controls for your software, systems and access to users. For example, it’s important to implement proper IT asset management to ensure that unused software is removed from the system and that the company is in compliance with its licensing agreements. It’s also crucial to set up secure systems for physical and digital information backups.

In addition to offering legal and contractual protections Information security also helps companies establish trust with their customers or customers. A company that is known for its efficiency when it comes to handling personal data will be more likely than not to retain users and attract new customers.

April 18, 2024

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