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Tips for Effective Board Members Communications

If your board members are meeting in person or online, clear and transparent communication will result in more engaged boards and more effective decision-making. It is crucial to find the right solution for communication that is in line to your organization’s values and objectives to provide your board with the tools it requires to be able to navigate this important process. To assist you, we have compiled a list of tips for effective communications with board members.

Avoid “boardspeak” Being caught up in your nonprofit’s jargon can quickly transform a conversation into disinformation dump. Instead make sure to keep it brief and concise and make sure to proofread it.

Take note of the style of communication of each member. Some prefer visual communication, while others prefer to communicate in writing. Understanding these differences will assist you in communicating more effectively and build an effective board culture.

Set a routine for communication. Your board meetings may be brief but it’s crucial to provide a regular flow of updates and repeating the same information. Schedule check-in calls and emails at the same times every quarter or month to ensure that your board knows what’s happening.

Visual aids can help you to understand complicated information or data. Visual representations such as graphs, charts and diagrams can help your board members to comprehend trends or patterns which would otherwise be difficult to grasp. Linking these findings to familiar concepts or analogies can also make the information more usable and easy to comprehend.

April 22, 2024

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