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Using Meeting Management Software to Organize and Enhance the Productivity of Video Meetings

A reliable software for managing meetings will help you manage and increase the efficiency of virtual meetings. It can help you save meeting costs and time it reduces the number of no-shows and missed appointments, and permits participants to keep track of notes and action items that were discussed at the meeting. It also enables you to customize workflows, create and share a calendar, and improve communication between team members.

Video meetings are now the norm in today’s work-from home and remote-work world. They are not only time-consuming however, they can also be frustrating for both parties. It’s important to use the appropriate tools to manage their time and help them become productive so that they don’t end up becoming ineffective.

SessionLab is a tool for managing meetings that lets you easily schedule one-on-one meetings or group sessions. It streamlines the process by sending reminders and notifications to both you and participants, thereby reducing the likelihood of non-shows. It also offers a library of pre-made agendas. It offers a free plan as well as a paid version that starts at just $10 per month, per month.

Fellow is a second tool specifically designed to manage meetings. It provides a fully-integrated AI solution that connects with your calendar and centralizes the required documentation to ensure that every meeting delivers tangible results. It lets you quickly summarize a meeting using an AI-generated summary, and assign next steps and tasks and facilitate collaboration between attendees in different locations. It allows you to transcribe online meetings in real-time, or upload recordings to be used for transcription later.

April 22, 2024

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