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What Are the Different Types of Data Security?

Data security is the process of securing digital information from unauthorised access and theft, whether at rest during transport, or when it’s being utilized. It involves various tools, technologies and practices, such as access control, encryption, and data masking. Physical security is also part of the equation, which helps safeguard the equipment and facilities that store sensitive data.

Prevention of breaches: In addition to regulatory compliance, preventing data leaks keeps customers’ trust intact and creates an image that is positive for the company. This is the case even for small-sized businesses, which can suffer reputational damage and financial losses if customer PII is exposed.

Secures valuable information: Private information, such as the client list of a bank or a hospital’s patient records, isn’t meant for prying eyes. Making sure that this information is secure gives businesses competitive advantage.

Assures availability. Data that is not available when needed is no good for anyone. It is therefore essential to have a plan to restore data that’s already been backup. Solutions are available to prevent downtime from ransomware attacks, for example, by offering cloud-based disaster recovery as a service or by providing data snapshots.

The deletion of obsolete information is when an organization no longer requires certain kinds of data, it should remove them completely from its system instead of simply rewriting the space with new data. This is referred to as data erasure and involves using software to write over the files on any kind of device to ensure they can’t be recovered.

April 29, 2024

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